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A Gang Show is a theatrical performance by  members of Scouting.  Young people make up the majority of the cast, or Gang, with adult leaders and parents helping out behind the scenes. Gang Show offers a great opportunity for young people to work together as a team on a highprofile project and to stage a ‘shop window’ event to demonstrate their talents to the people of Chester and surrounding area.

We have a rich history, and have performed in venues across Chester over the years, but our home since 2008 (with the exception of one year) is the new Vanbrugh Theatre, Kings School.

The production team and Gang, all volunteers, participate in many hours of planning, writing, composing, choreographing, building stage scenery/props, making costumes and rehearsing for several months before the actual performances. In order to reach the required performance standard for a Gang Show, a high level of commitment is needed from all involved in the production as well as support from their families.

The format of a Gang Show is essentially a revue or variety show; song, dance and short comedy sketches are the most common items.  The material in our programme is far from conventional, and can include all forms of song, dance and acting – we’ve tried pretty much anything from Broadway to the West End, Hollywood to Bollywood, Shakespeare to end-of-the-pier… Some of the material is well-known, other material is original to Chester Gang Show, often even devised by the young people themselves.

Membership of the Gang is open to anyone in Scouting from Chester & District.

Find out how you can join our gang for next year’s show, we’d love to have you with us, on stage or behind the scenes, all welcome!

Away from the stage…

The Gang get together throughout the year for a host of activities aimed at raising the profile of Chester Gang Show, but also for the fun of seeing the friends made at the previous years show.

Gang Show Camp

Ea642ch year we hold a Gang Show Camp exclusive to members signed up for the show that year.  It’s a team building weekend before the rehearsals and the young cast take the role of production team, costume and prop designers to put on their our own “Show in a Day”, as well as playing some “Total Wipeout” style games.








Carol Singing

644You’ll also find our jolly gang spreading festive cheer and carol singing each year outside Debenhams in the city centre.  An excellent opportunity also to warm up the vocal chords ready for a weekends rehearsals!!







Gang Show Oscars

1100Each year we celebrate the success and bizarre events of the years show with a party and fabulous award ceremony giving the gang the opportunity to be recognised for their hard work and commitment over the months leading up to the show.