Gang Show 1967

Production number 15

January 1967

At The ABC Cinema

Show Items 1967

First Half Second Half
We'll Go On And On T Tom Tom
English Madrigal Public School
The Pagent Of England Henry The Eighth
Those Were The Days Up Girls And At 'em
Call Of The Open Road Bob's Job
Never Count Your Chicks Down On The Farm
St Georges Day Chester Town
On The Way To Bed The Three Wretched Richards
The Merry Month Of May Because I Sing
Seeing The Sights Finale
Magic In The Air  
Arter The Game  
Roll Roll Roll  

Programme Items

  • ONE! NINE!! SIX!!! SEVEN!!!!
  • About Scouts
  • We Welcome

The Gang 1967

The Gang contained 173 participants who were:

William AbramRoy FisherJonathan Oakes
Michael ArcherPeter FurnellRobert Oats
David AshworthRobert GerrardPhillip Parker
Michael AshworthStuart GibbRobert Parker
Stephen AshworthDavid GilbertStephen Parker
John AstleyIan GoodeGraham Peers
Christopher AustinStephen GowerIan Peers
Graham BagshawAndrew GowrleyKeith Phillips
Christopher BaileyNicholas GowrleyMalcolm Pitchford
Nichloas BaileyPeter GowrleyStephen Powis
Paul BaileyJames GreenDave Proffitt
Phillip BarnesAnthony GriffithMalcolm Proffitt
David BaxterMartin GriffithsGareth Roberts
Geoffrey BeddowPeter GrindleyIan Rogers
David BownKeith HalliwellPaul Rogers
Paul BracePhillip HalliwellGerald Roose
Stephen BrackleyKeith HardingRobert Rose
Andrew BricklandPaul HarperRobert Ross
Geoff BrowneMark HatfieldTimothy Shorrock
John BurnsStanley HillDavid Smith
Graham CampbellTerrence HipkissMichael Smith
Alan CapperGary HopkinsTerry Smith
David CapstickDouglas HoulbrookJohn Sowerby
Peter CatherallDavid HouseRobert Stead
Brian ChallinorStephen HouseJohn Steele
Graham ChallinorMichael HughesJames Stewart
Philip ChallinorTony HughesPhillip Stringer
Stephen ChesworthSimon IngramTimothy Stringer
Edward ClareTerrence JamesAlan Sumpter
Ian CliffordAndrew JenkinsMark Thompson
Peter ConniffeeDavid JenkinsWilliam Thompson
Bill CooperDennis JenkinsBarry Tushingham
John CooperMark JenkinsHoward Varley
Graham CotterallStephen JohnsonPeter Verdon
Clive CowxAndrew JonesClive Vernall
Graham CoxGareth JonesLawrence Vickers
Roger CrabtreeMichael JonesJohn Walley
Bob CrawshawPhillip JonesMichael Walters
Arthur CrellinEric KayStephen Waring
Roger CrostonBrian KershawColin Watson
Peter CrumpDave KingSimon Weaver
Derek CunliffeAntony KirkJulian Webb
Michael CurtisPeter KirkMark Webb
John D'ArcyNeil LawrencePhillip Webb
Robin D'ArcyPeter LeachPhillip West
Jim DalyDerek LewisDavid Whitehouse
Fred DarlingtonRichard LewisPeter Whitely
Ian DaviesPhillip LloydHoward Whitney
Anthony DawsonPhillip LongMartin Whitney
Ian DerbyshireStephen MabbotAndrew Williams
Phillip DownsNeil MasonClive Williamson
Anthony DurkinJames McBrideEric Wilson
Gordon DuttonWilliam McDonoughFrank Wilson
Michael DuttonRussell MeekPaddy Wilson
Nicholas DuttonAlan MinshullIan Woon
Gareth EdwardsJohn MooreKevin Wright
David EvansGeoff MorrisJohn Yoxall
Michael EytonPaul Morris 

Behind the scenes 1967

Producer Roy Fisher
Assistant Producers Ernie Boyer, Eric Wilson, Bob Crawshaw
Music Director W. Brickland
Organiser Dave Proffitt, Assisted By Bill Cunliffe
Stage Director Brian Whiting
Stage Manager  Alan Granger
Stage and Scenery Team Messrs. D. Jones, M. Davies, F. Parker, D. Mulli¬gan, E. Catherall, J. Evans, R. Smith, W. Abram, M. Reading, W. Halli-well, W. Crump, N. Harrison, P. Slater, W. Capstick, E. France, S. Kershaw, C. Gledhill, S. Bell
Wardrobe Mistress Mary Turner
Sewing Team and Dressers Mesdames I. Wilson, A. Sumpter, J. Kirk, E. Clifford, M. Parker, A. Mulligan, P. Rouse, A. Abram, M. Cunliffe, B. Fisher ; Misses K. Abram, J. Proffitt, D. Proffit, J. Vincent, J. Phillips, G. Whitehead
Prompter Marjorie Fisher
Wigs Jean Proffitt, Edith Kelly, Barbara Crawshaw
Properties Bronwen Jones, Jeannette Hutchinson, Alison Curtiss, Margaret Scanlon
Back Stage Steward Bob Ferris, Headly Harrison, Geoff. Taylor
Front of House Steward Brian Kershaw
Make-up Alan Sumpter And His Team Of Helpers : Misses J. Chesworth, M. Butler, K. White, B. Lancley, S. Phillips, E. Black-more, J. Yoxall, A. Curtis, M. Scanlan, Mrs. L. France, Mrs. I. Smith, Mrs. A. Sumpter, Messrs. W. Crump, W. Cunliffe, B. Travers, I. Sumpter, Gladys Peddie, Kim Peddie, And Others.
Nurse Monica Moulding, S.r.n.
Patron Secretary S. Travers, ' Greengates, ' Greenfield Lane, Hoole
Treasurer P. Charlton, Chester, Wrexham And North Wales Savings Bank, Grosvenor Road, Chester
Business Secretary T. A. Jenkins, 8 Newry Park East, Newton, Chester
Booking Secretary W. S. Cooper, 44 Parkgate Road, Chester