Gang Show 0

Production number 18

January 1971

At The Gateway Theatre

Show Items Jan 1971

First Half Second Half
We're In It Too Hong Kong Blues
The Ladies Choral Society  The Reading
Taking Their Places Freedom
Buttercups And Daisies Nursery Rhymes
Treasure Island The Mounties Get Their Man
Jingle Of The Jungle Go Into Your Dance
The Christening Choir Boys
The Supporter Lady In White
I'm Getting Rod Of My Shadow Hazards Of The Tele
What's The Good Of Weddings Finale
Fiesta Time  

Programme Items

    The Gang Jan 1971

    The Gang contained 132 participants who were:

    John AshcroftAndrew FloamanPaul Musselle
    Christopher AustinAndrew GilbertCarole Oakley
    Joan BarfordMichael GouldDerek Oldfield
    Simon BarfordMargaret GranBill Oulton
    Dennis BarlowPeter GreensmithJennifer Owens
    Gwyneth BartonKeith HardingJohn Owens
    Ken BartonMalcolm HardingPhillip Parker
    Anthony BassJonathan HarrisonAlan Parry
    June BeckettNeil HaywoodIan Peers
    Tony BeckettRichard HearleBarry Peters
    Phillip BeesleyMichael HewlettCoral Pickard
    Michael BensonNicholas HodsonClive Pickering
    Nigel BoardmanRichard HoldenColin Pickering
    Martin BriggsChristopher HollandLiz Pritchard
    Paul ButcherBronwen HollidayDave Proffitt
    Stephen ChesworthChristopher HolroydMalcolm Proffitt
    Anthony ConcannonTed HolroydGraham Pudge
    Tommy ConcannonJeffery HughesAndrew Pye
    Stephen CooilIan IvesonHugh Quinn
    Andrew CorderyLynne IvesonKeith Reid
    Graham CotterallTony JacklinIan Rogers
    Roger CrabtreeMagaret JenkinsGerald Roose
    Arthur CrellinAndrew JohnsonJeremy Ross
    Kevin CresswellFrank JohnsonPeter Sherwood
    Peter CrumpMartin JohnsonJonathan Simcock
    John D'ArcyCarl JonesMark Sproston
    Robin D'ArcyDavid JonesPeter Sproston
    Gabrielle DaleyKevin JonesPhillip Steele
    Fred DarlingtonNicholas JonesMichael Stenhouse
    Christopher DavidsonRoger JonesAiden Tarry
    Martin DavidsonRaymond LambieGeoff Taylor
    Mary DaviesDavid LeatherColin Tullock
    Phillip DaviesClive LuddenPat Vickers
    Richard DenshamLeo ManifoldJonathan Walmsley
    Alison EdmundsJanice ManneringMark Webb
    Chris EdmundsNeil MasonChristopher Weston
    Graham EdwardsJames McBrideMichael Weston
    David EllisRaymond McCannDavid White
    Richard FairIan McMurrayAnthony Whittaker
    Wendy FayDavid MinshullClive Williams
    Russell FeenyDavid MorganStephen Williams
    Jim FerrisGeoff MorrisEric Wilson
    Richard FerrisGraham MurphyIan Wingfield
    Roy FisherRobert MurphySimon Woods

    Behind the scenes Jan 1971

    Director of Production Roy Fisher
    Assistant Producers Ernie Bowyer And Geoff Taylor
    Musical Director Bill Brickland
    Production Organisers Robin D'arcy, Geoff Morris And Jennie Owens
    Stage Manager Fred Parker
    Wardrobe Mistresses Kitty Jones And Jennie Owens
    Stage and Scenery Team Messrs. S. Benson, S. Kershaw, J. Oakes, B. Abram, B. Crump, F. Butcher, B. Murphy, B. Crabtree, T. Edmunds, E. France, C. Cottrell, B. Ashcroft, A. Grant, P. Williams, S. Weston.
    Wardrobe Team Mesdames L. Proffitt, D. Scatt, J. Dutton, W. Jones, L. EdĀ¬munds, I. Wilson, H. Roberts, S. Crabtree, J. Pearson, E. Harding, A. Rooney, J. Benson, E. Parker, A. Sumpter, E. Holford.
    Make-up Allan Sumpter Assisted By A. Keever, C. Jones, C. Cardell, R. Oulton, E. Whithall, A. Edmunds, H. Russell, C. Parker, J. Dutton, M. Simpson, B. Crump, I. Sumpter, F. Mole, H. Iverson.
    Prompter Ernie Boyer
    Properties Alison Edmunds
    Back Stage Stewards R. Ferris, Miss M. Collier, D. Williams, D. King, D. Lloyd, H. Harrison, P. Barker, A. Hayward, P. Kivilin
    Nurse Monica Maddocks, S.r.n.
    Amplifications and Sound Effects Gerald Roose, David Griffiths, Graham Bulmer
    Electrics John Holiday, Colin Cresswell, John Yoxall, Martin Daly
    Choreography Wendy Fay, Eric Wilson, Chris Edmunds
    Sets Painted by Rod Underwood
    Producers' Factotems Marjorie Fisher And Stan Travers
    Publicity P. Kennedy, 'henley, ' Heron Court, Parkgate.
    Business Secretary and Treasurer T. Jenkins, 8 Newry Park East, Newton, Chester
    Booking Secretary W. S. Cooper, J.p., 44 Parkgate Road, Chester