Gang Show 0

Production number 19

December 1971

At The Gateway Theatre

Show Items Dec 1971

First Half Second Half
Star Material Swing Along
Ladies Of Char The Youngsters
Fbi Arable Land
Cannibal Island Oranges
When We Join The Common Market Don't Do It Nellie
Coming Home Money And Friends
Dick Turpin Weight Watchers
You're Doing Alright You'll Be A Santa Claus
Jack And Jill Producers Nightmare
Locked In Finale

Programme Items

  • Parties

The Gang Dec 1971

The Gang contained 132 participants who were:

Michael AnscombeJill FosterGarry Paddock
Richard AnscombeTimothy FowlesPhillip Parker
Chris AttwoodStephen GriffithAlan Parry
Nigel BarrettAnthony GwilliamAnthony Parsonage
Gwyneth BartonKeith HardingIan Peers
Ken BartonMalcolm HardingColin Pickering
June BeckettPaul HarperDavid Pool
Michael BensonMichael HewlettMichael Price
Johnathan BoxRichard HoldenTrevor Price
Peter BroadBronwen HollidayKaren Pritchard
Andrew BrownJohn HollidayDave Proffitt
John BugghamDavid HolroydMalcolm Proffitt
Lynne ChamberlainSue HurlestonIan Quayle
David ChampionStephen HuxleyHugh Quinn
Stephen ChesworthIan IvesonPhillip Scanlon
Keith ChurchillGeoffrey JacksonRoy Smellie
Terrance CoeCarol JonesDavid Southwell
Andrew ColleyJohn JonesMark Sproston
Geoffrey ColleyKevin JonesPhillip Steele
Tommy ConcannonRoger JonesMichael Stenhouse
Stephen CooilRoger JonesNigel Stevenson
Andrew CorderyEric KayRaymond Swift
Roger CrabtreeRobert KayAiden Tarry
Kevin CresswellDave KingGeoff Taylor
Paul CutlerLeo ManifoldCarl Vickers
Alan D'ArcyChris MappPat Vickers
John D'ArcyKieron MappDonald Walker
Robin D'ArcyAlan MarriottKeith Walker
Fred DarlingtonKeith MarshKevin Walker
Christopher DavidsonJohn MasonMatthew Warne
Huw DaviesNeil MasonLesley Warner
Jean DaviesJames McBrideGraham Webb
Mary DaviesRobert MoirChristopher Weston
Richard DenshamDavid MorganMichael Weston
Andrew EatonRikki MorganKevin Whitley
Mark EddowsGeoff MorrisKeith Whitney
Alison EdmundsGraham MurphyGarry Wilkie
Chris EdmundsPaul MusselleStephen Williams
David EllisFrancis NolanEric Wilson
Martin FairJohn NorthIan Wingfield
Mike FairDerek OldfieldSuzanne Winstanley
Richard FairJennifer OwensSimon Woods
Richard FerrisChristopher PaceEdwina Yoxall
Roy FisherChristopher PaddockJohn Yoxall

Behind the scenes Dec 1971

Director of Production Roy Fisher
Assistant Producers Geoff Taylor And Ernie Boyer
Musical Director Billy Brickland
Choreography Eric Wilson And Chris Edmunds
Production Organisers : Robin D 'arcy And Geoff Morris
Stage Manager Fred Parker
Costume Co-ordinator Dave Proffitt
Wardrobe Mistress Lily Edmunds
Wardrobe Team Mesdames S. Crabtree, P. Curtis, E. Harding, T. Holroyd, B. Kay, P. Marriott, R. Mason, B. Parker, H. Roberts, I. Wilson, Misses E. Halford, J. Jones And M. Pritchard
Wigs Jean And Lorna Proffitt
Make-up Miss Carol Cordell Assisted By Misses L. Atkinson, J. Dutton, J. Fotheringham, A. Lightfoot, J. A. Newport, P. Newport, A. Thomas, J. Whittaker, L. Withers And Bill Crump.
Stage Assistants Messrs. C. Cottrell, J. Davies, T. Edmunds, J. Goodall, D. Lloyd, P. Kivlin, W. Murphy, J. Oakes And D. Williams.
Scenery built by Messrs. W. Abram, J. Benson, B. Crabtree, E. France, A. Grant, S. Kershaw, G. A. Oldfleld And S. Weston
Lighting, Amplification and Sound Effects Gerald Roose, Graham Bulmer And David Griffiths.
Properties Alison Edmunds
Back Stage Steward Robin Ferris
Front of House Stewards Peter Slater And Tom Jenkins
Prompters Marjorie Fisher And Ernie Boyer
Producers' Factotems Marjorie Fisher And Stan Travers
Publicity Tom Jenkins And Peter Kennedy
Booking Secretary W. S. Cooper, J.p., 44 Parkgate Road, Chester