Gang Show 2016

Production number 60

16th February 2016 - 20th February 2016

At The King's School Chester

Show Items 2016

First Half Second Half
Get Up And Dance Magikos
Talking Old Gang Shows... Again An Inspector Calls
Come To The Circus Angus Mcdonald
Light 'em Up Loser Like Me
#tweet Vice Versa
On The Farm Spell Block Tango
Court In The Act The Revue 3 - The Last Stand
Fruit And Veg Show Nights
Fiesta Latino  

Programme Items

  • The Lord Mayor
  • The District Commissioner
  • Producer's Letter

The Gang 2016

The Gang contained 108 participants who were:

Charlotte AMESBenjamin GriffithsIsabella Pile
Ruben Abbot-BeckToby GriffithsJacob Pile
Toby AbbottBev HallCallum Rawson
Evan BOWLESKeith HardingBruno Rippon
Jessica BakerKaya HarteEsme Rippon
Rebecca BakerKatie HeapsAdam Roberts
Andrew BarrattThomas HellamAlexander Roberts
Lewis BarrattOlivia HicksonBen Roberts
Jason BishopNick HirstIsabel Roberts
Declan BolamToby HollandGrace Robson-Traynor
Becky BowerJennifer HooperJake Rudd
Harvey BurkeDenise HuxleyDaniel SKINNER
Louis COOKBeth HyndsHugh Samuel
William CaleyPippa InksterChloe Shone
Kai CarlineJessica JONESJoseph Shone
Jenny ChallinorSamuel JarmainEmma Shortall
Jessica ClishCharlie JelfsAmy Steaton
Alex CokerJoe JohnsonDawn Steaton
Vicki CourtneyEmily JonesVictoria TAYLOR
Benjamin CrerandJonathan JonesJessica Taker
Grace CrerandJoshua JonesSandra Taker
Adam CunningKelly JonesVictoria Taker
Charlotte DUNNPamela JonesCat Taker/Hirst
Anna DaviesTrevor JonesCharlotte Taylor
Toby DaviesCharly Jones/HillierChristopher Taylor
Isaac DeakinEmily LambertJoanna Taylor
Alicia DixonToby MULHOLLANDWilliam Taylor
Alex DoddSebastian MURPHYMax Telford
Ailis DugganDillon MaguireDonna Traynor
Sam EDWARDSLucy MaguireMark Turnbull
Blake EdgarCollette McManusBriony Vickers
Phoebe EdgarGraeme MochrieEmma Whittingham
Madison FisherCameron MorrisonJack Whittingham
Nadine GarlandLibby-Marie MundyFinlay Woodcock Daniels
Hugh GibsonAndrew ParkinsonDaniel Young
Tom GibsonDouglas ParkinsonLeo Young

Behind the scenes 2016

ADC Activities Charly Hillier
Properties  John Heaps Assisted By Chester And District Explorer Scouts
Follow Spot Alec Stokes
Rehearsal Refreshments Denise Huxley And Sandra Taker
Audience Refreshments Mal Vickers
For Gang Show
Chairman Gerald Roose
Chairman Designate Alex Davies
Vice - Chairman & Treasurer Eric Plenderleath
Secretary Pam Jones
Make-up Juliet Mochrie, Assisted By Chester & District Explorer Scouts
Production Team Keith Harding, Geoff Morris &john Lambert
Booking Secretary Mel Hall
Marketing/Publicity Bev Hall & Joanna Taylor
Press Officer/Advertising David Bull
Website Creation & Maintenance Nick Hirst & William Roose
Programme Advertising June Hughes
Programme & Posters Artwork Nick Hirst
Front of House Manager & Security Jonathan Ducker & Team
Front of House Arrangements Peter Slater; Ron Jackson; Assisted By Members Of Chester & District Scout Council & Members Of Chester Scout & Guide Associations
Stage Manager Nick Hirst
Producer Keith Harding
Assistant Producer John Lambert
Musical Director and Arranger Colin Par?tt
Directors and Choreographers Keith Harding, Rachel Harding, Victoria Courtney, John Lambert, Nick Hirst, Cat Hirst, Mark Turnbull, Jenny Challinor, Amy Steaton, Trevorjones, Jessica Taker, Ronnie Fisher, Katie Heaps, Colette Mcmanus, Will Taylor, Kelly Stevens
Youth Producer Will Taylor
Gang Administrator Donna Traynor
Technical Support
Stage Director John Lambert
Technical Stage Manager Geoff Morris
Production Team
Lighting Design & Rigging Craig Turnbull, Martin Formstone, Simon Ashton, Daniel Salmon
Amplification, SFX & Microphones Wim Roose Assisted By Oliver Hynds & Chester & District Explorer Scouts
Scenery Manager Steve Huxley
Scenery Design and Construction Steve Huxley, Gary Warburton, Dale Warburton, Phil Turnbull, Nick Hirst, Grahame Polley, Mel Owen, Hugh Cunning
Stage Crew Steve Huxley, Phil Turnbull, Gary Warburton, Dale Warburton, Grahame Polley, Mel Owen, Hugh Cunning
Back Stage & General Security Steve Shone, Dan Salmon And Members Of Chester And District Explorer Scouts
Photographer  Dave Mullock
Wardrobe Mistress Pam Jones
Costume Design and Construction Pam Jones, Joanna Taylor, Janet Ware, Katie Heaps, Colette Mcmanus, Will Taylor, Karan Warburton, Joan Smith, Juliet Mochrie, Kelly Stevens, Lesley Turnbull, Sue Jones, Stephen Boden, Maria Glannasli, Bev Hall