Gang Show 2018

Production number 62

13th February 2018 - 17th February 2018

At The King's School Chester

Show Items 2018

First Half Second Half
Flying Start Bhangra Empire
Wannabies The Quorn
Product Placement A Day At The Races
Twsited Circus No-ana
Grandma Hats
Pirates Of The Cubibbean Dating For Dummies
All The King's People We Lived!
The Kiss  

Programme Items

  • Sheriff Of Chester
  • The District Commissioner
  • Producer's Letter
  • Youth Producer's Letter

The Gang 2018

The Gang contained 81 participants who were:

Ruben Abbot-BeckMillie SMITHWilliam Caley
Ben RobertsAdam RobertsEmily BOWES
Dawn SteatonAmy RANDLESMonty BOURNE
Amy SteatonVictoria TakerAndrew Barratt
Chloe ShoneDaniel YoungBen Griffiths
Jake RuddLauren WILLIAMSKeith Harding
Isabel RobertsWilliam TaylorEtienne DELAP
Grace Robson-TraynorChristopher TaylorLewis Barratt
Esme RipponDonna TraynorLottie Abbot-Beck
Holly SUCKLEYSandra TakerTheo KILCOYNE
Cal RawsonCharlotte TaylorLeo GARRS
Andrew PARKSINSONCorey EDGARBlake Edgar
Aaron MURRAYToby AbbottCharlotte DUNN
Cameron MorrisonFred FOSTERTegan BROWN
Sophie MOCHRIEPhoebe EdgarBeth Hynds
Nya SpryAlex DoddLuca ALDESCU
Julia TAITEmma DAVIESDillon Maguire
Michael FisherToby DaviesEmily Lambert
Bruno RipponAnna DaviesEmily KING
Alvaro KIDLEYVicki CourtneyJoshua Jones
Joseph KILCOYNEAnna CLOUGHHarry Jupp
Leo YoungBev HallEmily Jones
Henry StrowbridgeLouis COOKCat Taker/Hirst
Charlie SCARGILLAlex CokerIsobel Queenie Rippon

Behind the scenes 2018

Producer Keith Harding
Assistant Producer John Lambert
Musical Director and Arranger Colin Parfitt
Youth Producer Alex Dodd
Assistant Youth Producer Toby Abbott
Directors and Choreographers Keith Harding, Rachel Harding, Victoria Courtney, John Lambert, Cat Hirst, Nick Hirst, Mark Turnbull, Alex Dodd, Jessica Taker, Vanessa Coates Jonathan Ducker, Amy Steaton, Will Taylor, Ronnie Fisher, Amy Dilworth, Jenny Challinor
Gang Organiser & Administration Donna Traynor
Stage Director John Lambert
Stage Manager Nick Hirst
Technical Stage Manager Geoff Morris
Lighting Design & Rigging Craig Turnbull, Martin Formstone, Simon Ashton, Daniel Salmon
Amplification, SFX & Microphones Wim Roose, Ged Roose, Oliver Hynds
Scenery Design & Management Phil Turnbull
Transport & Procurement Steve Huxley
Scenery Construction Phil Turnbull, Gary Warburton, Dale Warburton, Steve Huxley, Grahame Polley, Mel Owen, Richard Caley, Paul Taylor, Connor Pitt Mark Turnbull
Stage Crew Mark Turnbull, Gary Warburton, Dale Warburton, Steve Huxley, Richard Caley, Paul Taylor, Mel Owen, Connor Pitt, Dan Salmon, Dan Campbell, Chris Huxley- Clowes, Tom Gibson, Hugh Gibson
Properties John Heaps, Joseph Shone
Follow Spot Alec Stokes
General Security Steve Shone
Photographer Dave Mullock
Safety Advisors Phil Turnbull, Craig Turnbull
Wardrobe Mistress Lesley Turnbull
Costume Design and Construction Lesley Turnbull, Karen Warburton, Steve Boden, Beverley Hail, Clare Taylor, Sue Jones, Vanessa Coates, Joanna Taylor, Joan Smith, Juliet Mochrie
Dressers  Karan Warburton, Stephen Boden, Lesley Turnbull, Alex Davies, Joan Smith, Oksana Lambert, Lesley Warburton, Sandra Taker, Clare Taylor, Joanna Taylor, Sue Jones
Cub Dressers Helen Shone, Janet Leach, Nickki Apple Ard, Judith Lathaen, Gill Owen, Joanna Woocz Rachel Chadburn, Shannon Chadburn, Megan Porter
Beaver Dressers Amy Dilworth, Ronnie Fisher, Kristy Collins, Jenny Challinor
Make up Juliet Mochrie, Assisted By Chester & District Explorer Scouts
Rehearsal Catering Denise Huxley And Sandra Taker
Chairman Alex Davies
Vice-Chairman & Treasurer Eric Plenderleath
Booking Secretary Mel Hall
Marketing & Publicity Bev Hall &joanna Taylor
Programme Advertising June Hughes
Bar Licence Holder Eric Plenderleath
Press Officer/Advertising David Bull Obe
Website Creation & Maintenance William Roose & Nick Hirst
Programme & Posters Artwork Nick Hirst
Front of House Manager & Security Jonathan Ducker Assisted By Members Of Chester & District Scout Council & Members Of Chester Scout & Guide Associations
Raffle Promoted By Eric Plenderleath & Organised By Gwyneth Mcmanus