Gang Show 2008

Production number 52

12th February 2008 - 16th February 2008

At The King's School Chester

Show Items 2008

First Half Second Half
See The Show Doing Time
Pirates Of The Cubibbean The Rivals
Hacker Panto Time
Ickle England (scene 1) Ickle England (scene 3)
In The Country Watch This Space
Hats Richard Iii
Let's Hear It For The Girls Appointments Committee
Ickle England (scene 2) The Party's Over
Something Good  

Programme Items

  • From The District Commissioner
  • Lord Mayor
  • Producer's Letter

The Gang 2008

The Gang contained 69 participants who were:

Mylo AllanStephanie WadmanLuke Davies
Amy SteatonLizzie ThorntonZachary Donovan
Trevor JonesWilliam TaylorJonathan Ducker
Beth LuddonCat Taker/HirstAilis Duggan
Tom LydiateJoseph TaylorMatthew Ebo
Daniel MasseyJoanne TaylorJames Gibson
Collette McManusDaisy-May TaylorJune Hughes
Matthew MorganSamar TantushBen Harrington
Eamonn O'BrienVictoria TakerAmy Hughes
Jonathan PrescottJessica TakerSimon Hinde
Allan ProssorPam JonesCharly Jones/Hillier
Oliver RozarioPippa InksterJack Haynes
Mollie RyanHarry AmnerAshleigh Haynes
Chris SmithJohn FerrignoHarry Hatwell
Fiona SmithWilliam BarlowKeith Harding
Robert SmithMatthew BolamHugh Gibson
Jack StonesMichael BolamLuke Hanmer
Rachel JonesNyall BolamLaura Hanmer
Luke ThorntonJenny ChallinorBev Hall
Jack WhittakerSam CornerRyan Goulding
Louise WhiteVicki CourtneyTom Gideonse
Lee WareMatthew CraigTom Gibson
Lesley WarburtonMichael DavenportJosh Wilderspin

Behind the scenes 2008

Producer Keith Harding
Assistant Producers Vanessa Coates & John Lambert
Musical Director and Arranger Colin Parfitt
Assistant Musical Director Tim Dowson
Musical Assistant Tim Bolam
Directors and Choreographers Vicki Courtney, Rachel Jones, Keith Harding, Vanessa Coates, Jim Woodley, Trevor Jones, John Lambert, Nick Hurst, Cat Taker, Amy Hughes
Gang Organiser Denise Huxley
Blababout Editor Tracey Patterson
Scenery Manager Tom Coates
Scenery Design and Construction Tom Coates, Mel Owen, Mel Hall, Steve Huxley, Gary Warburton, Russell Price
Transport Bob Johnson
Stage Crew Tom Coates, Mel Hall, Mel Owen, Steve Huxley, Ken Barton, Russell Price, Gary Warburton
Sponsorship & Donations Eric Plenderleath & Gerald Roose
Book keeper John Riley
Booking Secretary Ron Jackson
Marketing/Publicity Ron Jackson & Vicki Courtney
Press Officers/Advertising Vicki Courtney & Wayne Challinor
Web-site Creation & Maintenance William Roose
Patrons Gerald Roose & Eric Plenderleath
Programme Co-ordination Gerald Roose
Programme Advertising June Hughes & Peter Slater
Front of House Arrangements Peter Slater Assisted By Members Of Chester & District Scout Council
Raffle Organised & Promoted By Pam Jones
Catering The Scout Fellowship
Head Master Mr. C D Ramsey Ma
Bursar Mrs. Penny Hopkinson
Bursar's Assistant Mrs. Shirley Davis
Estates Manager Mr. Allen Wright
District Commissioner David Bull
Chairman Jo Turner
Secretary Angela Williams
Wardrobe Mistress Pam Jones
Back Stage & General Security Simon Ashton & Renegade Explorer Unit
Photographer Dave Mullock
Stage Director Geoff Morris
Lighting Design Geoff Morris & David Ogden
Lighting Technician David Ogden
Lighting Consultant Jim Woodley
Follow Spot Operators Renegade Explorer Scouts
Amplification and Sound Effects Wim Roose, Assisted By Gerald Roose & Dave Thomas
Financial Team Ron Jackson & Gerald Roose
Costume Design and Construction Pam Jones, Vanessa Coates, Joan Hunt And Karan Warburton
Dressers Sandra Taker, Vanessa Coates, Karan Warburton, Dawn Steaton Tracey Patterson, Helen Shone, Janet Leech, Alan Wilding And District Cub Scout Leaders
Make-up Joy Hughes, Izzie Harding And Laura Christian
Properties Jay And Foz Assisted By Renegade Explorer Scouts
Rehearsal Refreshments Denise Huxley
Chairman Gerald Roose
Secretary Pam Jones
Treasurer Ron Jackson