Gang Show 1960

Production number 8

Week Commencing 12th December 1960

At The Royalty Theatre

Show Items 1960

First Half Second Half
Opening Siesta Fiesta
Younger Generation You've Never Had It So Good
Neighbours Educating Pagli-archie
We Are Here Tougher At The Bottom
Highland Swing Riding Down To Dixie
Never Count Your Chicks Taking A Chance
Strolling Chester Girls Choir
Doesn't It Make You Santa Claus
Red Hot Cinders Goodnight
Surly Girls Finale
Meet The Navy  

Programme Items


The Gang 1960

The Gang contained 121 participants who were:

C AbsaimMichael GilderKeith Price
Peter AndersonNigel GriffithsRichard Price
David ArdenT HarnshawAnthony Pritchard
Bryan AthertonDavid HassallDave Proffitt
Peter BanksGraham HassallMalcolm Proffitt
S BanksAlan HaywardR Pullan
J BarlowPeter HobsonMichael Redding
Ken BartonBarry HohnesGeoff Rees
P BethelMichael HouseAndrew Reid
Alan BouldenPhil HughesIan Richardson
Keith BrassingtonRoy HughesSimon Richardson
R BrownTom HughesHenry Roberts
Raymond BrownDerek HullW Roberts
Tony BrownK JaggerGerald Roose
Geoff BrowneChris JonesRobert Salmon
Hugh BrowneDavid JonesDerek Sanders
Richard BrowneEiffion JonesAntony Seager
David BulmerMichael JonesAndrew Shenton
Paul BurrowsFrancis KayNicholas Shorrock
Eric BurtMartin KayMichael Silvester
John CawthornDavid KellyRoger Simpson
Frank CheringBrian KershawGeoff Taylor
Cliff CobdenBrian KingTina The Dog
Colin CresswellAndrew KnoxVernon Thompson
Fred DarlingtonBarry LewisGeorge Tillyer
Chris DaviesDavid LloydGeoff Tomblin
John DaviesM LloydGeorge Toye
Stan DaviesMichael LloydGraham Toye
Ian Davies (8th Chester)Brian LongBarry Travers
Ian Davies (Cub)Geoffrey LongKeith Trickey
Graham DoddPeter MasseyPhil Turner
Michael DoddTony MellalieuJohn Vallely
Les EdenP MeredithDavid Vickers
David EggingtonMichael MoodyTom Vickers
Peter EggingtonB MorrisDavid Walsh
Stuart FaulknerPeter NieldJohn Walsh
William FewtrellJames NortonK Webb
Roy FisherTony NoyesChris Williams
Joseph FrearsonJohn ParkinsPhilip Williams
Michael FrearsonAlan Pickin 
G GarnerKeith Pollard 

Behind the scenes 1960

Producer Roy Fisher
Assistant Producers Ernie Boyer And John Cresswell
Organiser Tom Hughes
Backstage Stewards Eric Heath And George White
Stage Manager Eric Youde
Stage and Scenery Team Hedley Harrison, Horace Newton, Charlie Bird, Span Kershaw, Alan Grainger, David Jones And Messrs. Jervis And Griffiths
Property Manager Ann Dathan, Assisted By M. Nicholas And S. W. Jones
Prompter Marjorie Fisher
Wardrobe Mistress Mary Turner
Sewing Team Gladys Atherton, Violet Atherton, Carole Browne, Margaret Browne, Edith Ellison, Violet Fewtrell, Betty Fisher, Nancy House, Hilda Massey And Joyce Reid
Wigs Edith Kelly And Jean Proffitt
Dressers Ladies Of The Chester And District Boy Scouts' Association
Recordings Jim Fewtrell
Make-up Team Alan Sumpter, Miss Scott, Clare Woodburn, Miss Kay, Margaret Forster, Jean Hughes, Pat Cullin, Jacqueline Britlin, Rita Jones, Irene Miller, Hillary Barton, Jacqueline Spice, Kathleen Shaw, Grace Rogers, Kathleen Holmes, Nancy Harper, Carole Argile, Barbara Weighill, Yvonne Bailey
Business Secretary Bill Cooper, 44 Parkgate Road, Chester
Treasurer Arthur Watson, C/o Lloyds Bank, Chester