Gang Show 1969

Production number 17

December 1969

At The Gateway Theatre

Show Items 1969

First Half Second Half
We'll Go On And On Top Of The Morning Feeling
Into Battle Bad Bad Men
Rural England Getting It Taped
Let's Have A Parade The Ballet
Watch This Space The Weather Faries
British Pantomime  Dark Town Jubilee
The Boyhood Of Raleigh Transport
It's Gonna Be Warm The Black Knight
The Wedding Group Christmas Story
The Gnome Finale
Romany Road  

Programme Items

  • In Brief
  • Appreciation

The Gang 1969

The Gang contained 143 participants who were:

Timothy AckerleyChris EdmundsCharles Peak
Anthony AllenWendy FayCelia Pearson
John AmattGillian FearonIan Peers
Christopher AustinRussell FeenyStephen Portor
Christopher BaileyMichael FisherMark Pritchard
Raymond BaileyRoy FisherRaymond Pritchard
Joan BarfordEamon GaughranDave Proffitt
Dennis BarlowNicholas GowrleyJennifer Proffitt
Ian BarlowPeter GreensmithMalcolm Proffitt
David BarnettPeter GrindleyTony Raynor
Bruno BartonKeith HardingKeith Read
Nicholas BartonPaul HarperPeter Roberts
June BeckettPhilip HeanyTony Roberts
Tony BeckettDavid HeighwayGerald Roose
Barney BennettPhilip HewittDavid Sherlock
Michael BensonSimon HindeJonathan Simcock
Roger BensonTerrence HipkissJonathan Smith
Robet BerkettNicholas HodsonPaul Smith
Brian BerrowChristopher HollandChristopher Sprate
Graham BestBronwen HollidayMark Sproston
Paul BezodisIan HonourTimothy Stanley
Nigel BoardmanDavid HousePeter Stevenson
Alan BostackJeanette HutchinsonRichard Stone
Adrian BunnellDennis JenkinsRobin Stone
Paul ButcherFrank JohnsonAlan Sumpter
Lynne ChamberlainMartin JohnsonGeoff Taylor
Edward ClareAndrew JonesStephen Thacker
Anthony ConcannonNicholas JonesWalley Theaker
Bill CooperPhillip JonesPaul Thomas
Andrew CorderyRichard JonesPeter Tootle
Graham CotterallRoger JonesPat Vickers
Roger CrabtreeRobert KayJohn Walley
Arthur CrellinIan KempMatthew Warn
Kevin CresswellPeter LeachPeter Weatherley
Stephen CrossIan MacMurrayGraham Webb
Peter CrumpNeil MasonJohnathan Westbrook
Stephen CutlerTony MuirChristopher Weston
John D'ArcyGraham MurphyDavid White
Robin D'ArcyMark NottageDavid Whitehouse
Gay DalyDavid OakesNeil Wigglesworth
Fred DarlingtonJonathan OakesClive Williams
Judy DavidsonPhilip OakesPeter Williams
David DaviesAlan OldClive Williamson
Geraint DaviesPhilip OliverEric Wilson
Phillip DaviesBill OultonTony Wilson
Ian Davies (1st Chester)Peter OultonJohn Wraw
Michael DigbyJohn OwensTimothy Young
Gordon DuttonPhillip Parker 

Behind the scenes 1969

Director of Production Roy Fisher
Assistant Producers Ernie Boyer And Geoff Taylor
Musical Director Bill Brickland
Production Manager David Proffitt
Stage Manager Fred Parker
Wardrobe Mistresses Kitty Jones And Hilary Roberts
Stage and Scenery Team Messrs. S. Kershaw, W. Capstick, W. Abram, E. France, J. Oakes, W. Cotteral, L. Harding, W. Murphy, F. Butcher, A. Grant, J. Holiday, J. Yoxall
Wardrobe Team Mesdames M. Abram, A. Sumpter, R. Oulton, K. Field, M. Johnson, E. Williamson, R. Mason, E. Crabtree, E. Pearson, D.jones, M. Macklin, A. Rooney, A. Honour, C. Harding, Miss L. Proffitt, Mr. J. Honour. Make-up : Alan Sumpter Assisted By W. Crump, I. Sumpter, B. Holmes, E. Withall, L. Campbell, A. Russell, K. Jones, M. Johnson, R. Oulton.
Prompter Marjorie Fisher
Wigs Jean Proffitt Assisted By Linda Kershaw, Edith Kelly. Properties : Alison Curtiss Assisted By L. Campbell, M. Curtiss, K. Garner. Back Stage Stewards : R. Ferris And T. Windsor
Nurse Monica Maddocks, S.r.n.
Amplifications Gerald Roose And Graham Bulmer
Choreography Eric Wilson, Chris Edmunds Assisted By Wendy Fay
Publicity R. D. Crawshaw, 26 Rowcliffe Avenue, Lache Lane, Chester
Treasurer P. Charlton, Chester, Wrexham And North Wales Savings Bank,
Business Secretary T. A. Jenkins, 8 Newry Park East, Newton, Chester
Booking Secretary W. S. Cooper, J.p., 44 Parkgate Road, Chester
Acknowledgements for assistance towards the production Bradley's, Outfitters, Chester Owen Owen, Chester W. E. Anfield & Co. Ltd. Littlewoods, Chester Chester Amateur Operatic Society Sketchley Overall Service, Nottingham Cheshire County Constabulary Chester And District Hospital Management Committee Heywood Williams, Reliance Works, Chester Wallasey Gang Show Chester City Council Fredericks, Weston-super-mare Presbyterian Church, City Road, Chester And Those After Programme Went To Print.