Gang Show 1972

Production number 20

4th December 1972 - 9th December 1972

At The Gateway Theatre

Show Items 1972

First Half Second Half
The Opening The Revival Meeting
You Mustn't Do That Ten Little Astronauts
Cup Of Coffee Aladdin And His Wonderful Dixie
The Call Of The Open Road You Don't Need Music To Dance
Only Once A Year Eight Little Boys On The Way To Bed
Farewell Music Hall The Bucks
Parting Of The Ways Civic Occasion
Sampan The Roaring Twenties
Holiday Group The Chester Girls Choir
I Love Girls Angus Mcdonald
Meet The Navy Finale

Programme Items

  • Parties

The Gang 1972

The Gang contained 98 participants who were:

Graham AndrewDerek FairhurstKevin Powell
Chris AttwoodRoy FisherKaren Pritchard
Jenny AttwoodJill FosterRobert Pritchard
Gwyneth BartonPaul GoldstongDave Proffitt
Ken BartonJonathan GreenLorna Proffitt
June BeckettKeith HardingMalcolm Proffitt
Tony BeckettMalcolm HardingIan Quayle
Michael BensonPaul HarperDerek Reynolds
Richard BlackRichard HeathGerald Roose
Ian BolshawPhilllip HendersonPaul Smellie
Jackie BulmerDavid HolroydRoy Smellie
Dave BurrowsSue HurlestonGeoff Smith
Alan ChampionDavid JohnsonDavid Southwell
Mark ChampionRobert KayJonathan Southwell
Stephen ChesworthNigel KempMark Sproston
Keith ChurchillDave KingPeter Sproston
Alan CochranGregory LawtonAndrew Stewart
Tommy ConcannonLiz LesleyRaymond Swift
Mark ConlonNeil MasonGeoff Taylor
Stephen CooilChristopher MeliaStephen Taylor
Arthur CrellinGeoff MorrisBrian Terry
Kevin CresswellIan MorrisonGeorge Terry
Jim CurtisKeith MusselleStephen Terry
Tom CurtisPaul MussellePat Vickers
John D'ArcyDavid OakesMatthew Warne
Robin D'ArcyJonathan OakesGraham Webb
Fred DarlingtonDerek OldfieldChristopher Weston
Christopher DavidsonJennifer OwensMichael Weston
Huw DaviesChristopher PaddockDavid Williams
Mary DaviesPhillip ParkerStephen Williams
Richard DenshamAnthony ParsonageEric Wilson
Alison EdmundsIan PeersPaul Wilson
Chris EdmundsDuncan Powell 

Behind the scenes 1972

Director of Production Roy Fisher
Assistant Producers Geoff Taylor And Ernie Boyer
Musical Director Billy Brickland
Choreography Eric Wilson, Chris Edmunds And Irene Holmes
Backstage Organiser Geoff Morris
Gang Organiser Robin D'arcy
Stage Manager Fred Parker
Costume Co-ordinator Dave Proffit
Wardrobe Mistress Lily Edmunds
Wardrobe Team Mesdames S. Crabtree, P. Curtis, E. Harding, J. Southwell, P. Wilson, P. Marriott, R. Mason, B. Parker, H. Roberts, I. Wilson, G. Weston, Misses E. Halford, J. Jones, M. Pritchard, P. Oldfield
Wigs Jean Proffitt And Marjorie Graham
Make-up Alan Sumpter Assisted By P. Mcmanus, C. Chesworth And M. Oldfield
Stage and Scenery Crew G. Oldfield, S. Grant, D. Lloyd, E. Edmunds, E. France, S. Kershaw, W. Crump, B. Crabtree, W. Murphy, F. Futcher, W. Abram, S. Benson, D. House
Lighting, Amplification and Sound Effects Gerald Roose, Graham Bulmer And David Griffiths
Properties Alison Edmunds
Front of House Stewards B. Kershaw, P. Slater, J. D. Southwell And S. J. Weston
Prompters Marjorie Fisher And Ernie Boyer
Producers' Factotems Marjorie Fisher And Stan Travers
Publicity Eric France
Stage Door Security Denis Williams
Programme Stan Weston