Gang Show 1994

Production number 41

21st February 1994 - 26th February 1994

At The Gateway Theatre

Show Items 1994

First Half Second Half
Razzle Dazzle We Beseech Thee
Bad Bad Men On My Knee
Watch This Space The Film Maker
Activities Somebody Has To Do It
Ovaltinies Waterloo
The Mounties Get Their Man Red Hot Cinders
Dancin' Camelphantelopeacoctopussycow
French For Beginners The Gnome
Dames Time To Go
Public School  
Away Days  

Programme Items

  • Message from the Lord Mayor

The Gang 1994

The Gang contained 98 participants who were:

Chris BardenClaire GilmartinStephen Levitt
Sam BarrettPeter GoslingGary Lloyd
Andrew BartonDanny HadfieldPeter Maguire
Ken BartonMark HallowsDavid Maloney
Richard BeachamMichael HallowsAlan Marshall
Peter BenyonCarl HarrisonScott Massey
Tom BricklandAndrew HarropAlex McDonald
Jason BrooksPeter HassallCraig Mclntyre
Dennis BurrowsRobert HewittStephen Mellor
Craig CallaghanWilliam HewittJohn Mullock
Phillip CannonMark HillKeith Musselle
David CarmanBrian HitchinChristopher Nicholas
David CarringtonTimothy HollywellSandra Owen
Joyce CarringtonFreddie Horton-SmithDavid Paget
Mark CarringtonAlison HoughSimon Piercy
Peter CarringtonMark HowcroftLesley Pritchard
Martyn CaulfieldPaul HowcroftPaul Ramsay
Richard ClarkeHelena HughesDavid Rigby
Thomas ClaytonJune HughesNeil Roberts
Vicki CourtneyTom HughesDaniel Seager
Matthew CromptonFelicity JacksonAnn Shone
Adam CrossChris JardineStephen Shrimpton
Nicholas CrossColin JepsonChris Taylor
David DaviesChris JonesGeoff Taylor
Matthew DaviesChris JonesDaniel Thompson
Paul DiqueHuw JonesLee Thompson
Helen DoddPam JonesCraig Turnbull
Rebecca DoddTrevor JonesJohn Wallace
Mark DowlingMichael KerrichNick Warburton
Mark DuttonRachel KevernBen Williams
Sean ElliottJames LeachHugh Williams
Vicky FellowsJohn LeachTom Williams
Sean FitzpatrickWestley Leon 

Behind the scenes 1994

Producer Roy Fisher
Associate Producer Eric Plenderleath
Assistant Producer & Choreographer Eric Wilson
Assistant Producers Richard Clarke And George Marshall
Production of items 7 and 12 Jim Woodley
Production Team Matthew Davies, Alison Hough
Musical Director Colin Parfitt
Stage Director Geoff Morris
Stage Manager Brian Dickenson
Scenery Designed & Constructed By Brian Wilkes
Gang Wardrobe Mistress Lil Edmunds
Wigs Jean Proffitt Assisted By Sally Mclntyre
Amplification & Sound Effects Gerald Roose Assisted By G. Bulmer & W. Roose
Deputy Chairman Eric Plenderleath
Treasurer Bill Cooper Assisted By Ron Jackson
Secretary Janet Bull
Publicity Dave King
Sponsorship Peter Slater, June Hughes
Committee Les Harding, Dave Proffitt, Lesley Pritchard, Joy Williams, Pam Jones
Administrative Director Jane Dawson
Artistic Director Jeremy Raison
Production Manager Dave Parker
House Manager Carol Eden
Chief Technician Peter Higton
Deputy Technician Andy Blacklock
Marketing Manager Piers Norbury
Chairman David Lloyd
Orchestra augmented by Wendy Forden, Emma Hodgkins, Michelle Johnson, Simon Moxon, Alice Moynahan, Suzi Newman, Laura Smith, Lisa Thorley
Scenery Crew B. Wilkes, R. Hewitt, M. Mchugh, S. Lewis, J. Wilkes, W. Wood, A. Jones, P. Snowden, D. Hall
Stage Crew A. Bostock, G. Challinor, D. Fisher, P. Morris, R. Woods, D. Gallimore
Gang Wardrobe Team Adrienne Daly, Ted Edmunds, Iris Evans, Lorna Mclntyre, Jennifer Owens, Gwyneth Power
Cub Scout Costumes Janet Leach Assisted By Eve Bailey, Peggy Lucas
Cub Scout Pianist Bill Marshall
Gang Pianist Louise Roffey
Cub Scout Co-ordinators Lesley Pritchard, Helena Hughes And Diane Wood
Back Stage Stewards Les Harding And Chester Scout Leaders
Front of House Peter Slater Assisted By Joy Williams, R. Ferris, M. Shobbrook And Chester District Venture Scouts
Properties Mike Fowler
Lighting Gateway Theatre