Gang Show 1978

Production number 26

11th December 1978 - 16th December 1978

At The Gateway Theatre

Show Items 1978

First Half Second Half
Meet The Gang Top Of The Morning Feeling
The 'step-toes' Pageant Of England
Lilliput Money And Freinds
Call Of The Open Road Schoolboys On Strike
You Don't Need Music To Dance Wonderful Time
Rural England Fighting For Our Rights
Ten Little Astronauts Santa Claus
Farewell Music Hall Arable Land
Six Little Chicks Finale
The Gate  
Wings Over Seaways  

Programme Items

  • From the District Commissioner
  • Message From Roy Fisher
  • Scout Fellowship

The Gang 1978

The Gang contained 125 participants who were:

Erik AndressenDavid WilliamsDavid Bratley
Keith MussellePeter WigginsAndrew Bratley
Johnathon RobinsonMalcolm WebbAlan Bostock
Cameron RobsonGraham WebbWilliam Benyon
Kevin RichardGary UnderwoodStevie Benyon
David RanbyRichard SharpJohn Beatie
Malcolm ProffittRoger TushinghamAlistair Barnhill
Dave ProffittGary ToddColin Banks
Russell PriceAndrew ToddCaroline D'Arcy
Tony PleavinMartin ThorntonFred Darlington
Graham PeersMark ThomasPaul Jackson
David ParsonagePaul TaylorMark Greatbanks
Adrian OwenDarren TalbotChristopher Ireson
Charles NewisNeil StanleyDarren Ireland
Fergus MurrayMark SprostonPhilip Hughes
Edward RowlandsAdrian SprostonPaul Hughes
Ken MattersheadTimothy SpaulsJune Hughes
David MooreNigel SmithIan Hughes
Owen MorganMark ShepherdAnne Hughes
Peter MasseyRichard JonesRobert Hough
Christopher MasseyAnthony JohnsonJohn Hopkins
Neil MasonJohn AndrewsTimothy Hemington
Simon McLindenSteven ClubbePeter Hague
Robert MacleanArthur CrellinShane Guy
Adam LongmanPhilip CreganNicholas Greenwood
Nicholas Lloyd-JonesNeil CraigDavid Gibson
Beryl Lloyd-JonesAngela CrabtreeFrancis Davey
Stephen LeeStewart CoramAdrian Furnival
Robin LanninRobert CoramAndrew Foster
Lee RowlandSean ConnallyDamian Fletcher
Stephen SecretteJohn CollinRoy Fisher
Gillian JonesChris CollierDavid Fisher
Mark WatsonNeil CoglanMarion Fieldstead
Margaret WrightDavid CoffinNicholas Ferugia
Ann WoodsAngela CoffinRichard Evans
Simon WoodcockSimon ButtAnthony Evans
Jean WilsonRobin D'ArcyDavid Ellis
Eric WilsonNicholas ButtChris Edmunds
Suzanne WilliamsMatthew ButtStewart Dominguez
Paul WilliamsGiles ButcherChris Decani
Hugh WilliamsMarc BrennenMichael Yorke
Eric WilliamsPaul Bratley 

Behind the scenes 1978

Director of Production Roy Fisher
Assistant Producers Eric Wilson And Chris Edmunds
Musical Director Billy Brickland
Choreography Eric Wilson And Chris Edmunds
Stage Director Malcolm Proffitt
Stage Manager Geoff Taylor
Gang Organiser Keith Musselle
Wardrobe Mistress Lilian Edmunds
Wardrobe Team J. Baton, G. Buck, S. Crabtree, R. Elstry, I. Evans, J. Evans, J. Mason, R. Mason, B. Parker, G. Power, K. Pritchard, M. Pritchard, J. Southwell, A. Sumpter, M. Webb
Wigs Jean Proffitt Assisted By Joanne Roberts
Make-Up Alan Sumpter Assisted By S. Berry, C. Dixon, N. Grovier, N. Saltmark, L. Sumpter, J. Taylor, G. Thomas, A. Williams And A. Yakon
Stage and Scenery Team R. Allen, G. Allison, K. Barton, S. Bradshaw, B. Conlon, B. Crabtree, E. Edmunds, E. Mason, G. Morris, P. Musselle, J. Southwell, B. Wood All, R. Underwood
Lighting Bill Innes
Chief Electrician Bill Innes
Stage Manager Julian Bryant
Production Manager David Medlycott
Front of House Mollie Bearm
Administrator Roger Wilkinson
Theatre Director Christopher Honer
Publicity and Programme Stan Benson, 9 Pear Tree Way, Chester Tel. 42434
Booking Secretary Bill Cooper, 44 Parkgate Road, Chester. Tel. 371187
Business Secretary Stan Hinson, 26 Richmond Crescent, Chester Tel. Chester 41186
Treasurer Sheila Crabtree
Chairman Des Southwell
Band Under The Direction Of Billy Brickland
Stage Door Security Dennis Williams
Prompter Marjorie Fisher
Back Stage Stewards Les Harding, Hilary Roberts And Jennifer Walker
Front of House Stewards Peter Slater And Brian Tucker
Properties Alison Edmunds Assisted By M. & J. Curtis And G. Evans
Amplification Gerald Roose Assisted By G. Bulmer And D. Griffiths