Gang Show 2012

Production number 56

14th February 2012 - 18th February 2012

At The King's School Chester

Show Items 2012

First Half Second Half
Hold Up A Light Four Lads Who Changed The World
Animal Antics What's In A Name
Saga Of The Norselands We've Got Magic To Do
Eastern Delight Ancient Rome
Downton Revisited The Dc's Lot
King Of The Cops This Is It
Phobias Workshop Student Bingo
Nice Weather For Ducks Two Faced
Loser Like Me We Can

Programme Items

  • Lord Mayor
  • The District Commissioner
  • Producers Letter

The Gang 2012

The Gang contained 93 participants who were:

Toby AbbottRhys HarrisonCollette McManus
Leia AppleyardFrankie HartGraeme Mochrie
Thomas ArnoldLauren HawkeswoodGeorge O'Brien
Mollie BakerNick HirstElliott Preece
Declan BolamAlasdair HopwoodCallum Rawson
Rebecca BowerPeter HopwoodHarry Richardson
Sam BowerDenise HuxleyEmma Shortall
Jacob CarrOliver HyndsEve Sigley
Jennifer ChallinorPippa InksterJack Smith
Phoebe ChallinorRichard JohnsonMatthew Smith
Jason ClarkeAngus JonesZack Smith
Richard ClarkeEmily JonesNya Spry
Brendan CollinsJoachim JonesAmy Steaton
Vicki CourtneyJosh JonesDawn Steaton
Adam CunningKelly JonesIsaac Tait
Toby DaviesPam JonesPatrick Tait
Alex DoddRory JonesJessica Taker
Bella DonovanTrevor JonesSandra Taker
Zac DonovanCharly Jones/HillierVictoria Taker
Ailis DugganHarry JuppCat Taker/Hirst
Nathan FarringtonJasmine KingCharlotte Taylor
Charlie FearnallEmily LambertJoanna Taylor
Charlotte FeeleyDouglas LansdellWilliam Taylor
Charlie FollowsSophie LilburnMark Turnbull
Dan FrancisHarry Lloyd-BrownBriony Vickers
Tom FrancisJoshua Madoc-EvansEvan Vickers
Tom GibsonFelix ManningLesley Warburton
Jack GlassAlfie MartinLee Ware
Keith HardingJoe MartinEmma Whittingham
Chris HarringtonDaisy MayJack Whittingham
Luke HarrisMike McLeanSamuel Wildboar

Behind the scenes 2012

Booking Secretary Mel Hall
Rehearsal Refreshments Denise Huxley And Sandra Taker
Front of House Team Peter Slater, Simon Ashton Assisted By Chester And District Explorer Scouts
For Gang Show
Chairman Gerald Roose
Vice-Chairman Eric Plenderleath
Secretary Pam Jones
Treasurer Ron Jackson
ADC Activities Charly Hillier
Financial Team Ron Jackson, Gerald Roose & Eric Plenderleath
Production Team Keith Harding, Geoff Morris & John Lambert
Sponsorship and Donations Eric Plenderleath
Make-up Joy Hughes Assisted By Jayne Challinor And Lzzie Harding
Marketing/Publicity Bev Hall & Joanna Taylor
Press Officer/Advertising Vicki Courtney, Luke Thornton
Website William Roose
Patrons Gerald Roose
Programme Co-ordination Gerald Roose
Programme Advertising June Hughes And Gerald Roose
Programme and Posters Artwork Nick Hirst
Front Of House Arrangements Peter Slater, Assisted By Members Of Chester & District Scout Council
Raffle Organised And Promoted By Pam Jones
Catering Denise Huxley
Amplifcation and SFX Wim Roose, Assisted By Gerald Roose
Producer Keith Harding
Assistant Producer John Lambert
Musical Director and Arranger Colin Parfitt
Directors and Choreographers Keith Harding, Rachel Harding, Victoria Courtney, John Lambert, Nick Hirst, Cat Hirst, Mark Turnbull, Richard Clarke, Dawn Steaton, Amy Steaton, Vanessa Coates
Gang Organiser Richard Clarke Assisted By Denise Huxley
Technical Support
Technical Stage Manager  Geoff Morris
Stage Director John Lambert
Stage Manager Nick Hirst
Lighting Design & Rigging Tim Johnson, Simon Ashton
Production Team
Scenery Manager Steve Huxley
Scenery Design and Construction Steve Huxley, Mel Owen, Mel Hall, Gary Warburton, Dale Warburton Chris Clowes, Phil Turnbull, Nick Hirst, Grahame Polley, Mal Vickers & Duncan Steaton
Stage Crew Steve Huxley, Mel Hall, Mel Owen, Chris Clowes, Phil Turnbull, Gary Warburton, Dale Warburton, Grahame Polley
Back Stage & General Security Simon Ashton Assisted By Chris Clowes And Members Of Chester And District Explorer Scouts
Photographer  Dave Mullock
Vocal Coach Erin Elston
Wardrobe Mistress Pam Jones
Costume Design and Fabrication Pam Jones, Joan Hunt, Joanna Taylor, Janet Eldridge, Karan Warburton, Joan Smith, Alex Davies, Juliet Mochrie, Bev Hall
Dressers  Sandra Taker, Karan Warburton, Stephen Boden, Helen Shone, Janet Leech, Tracey Patterson, Alex Davies, Karen Feeley
Properties  Jay Biggs Assisted By Jonathan Prescott, Josh Mccoy And Chester And District Explorer Scouts